ESTA is governed by the ESTA Board which is appointed by the Board of ESA. The ESTA Board consists of the Executive Committee of ESA, the Chair of the Seed Treatment and Technology (STAT) Working Group and includes the ESTA Manager in an advisory role. 

The ESTA Board manages the ESTA documentation (standard and accompanying documents) and publishes the adopted standard and relevant accompanying documents on the ESTA web pages. It decides on adaptations of the ESTA standard and relevant accompanying documents and on the acceptance of the national agents; grants certifying bodies the right to audit organizations on compliance to the ESTA standard and maintains a public register of the accepted certifying bodies on the ESTA website; enters into non-exclusive license agreements with the ESTA certified organizations on the use of the logo; publishes certifications on the ESTA website and maintains adequate communication with all stakeholders. 

Find HERE the detailed ESTA Governance.

ESTA is only operated by Agents. The treatment sites that wish to get ESTA certified will have to contact one of the ESTA Agents and arrange with it all the administrative details of the scheme.

Find HERE more information about the Agents.