With ESTA as a continuously evolving EU-wide quality assurance system, the seed industry is providing reliable, high-quality and sustainable products to the market. Continual improvement as a key ESTA commitment ensures proactive development and implementation of state of the art best practices throughout the industry. 

ESTA is the tangible commitment of the European seed industry to comply with the highest quality standards in a sustainable and reliable manner.

The European seed industry has adopted ESTA as its quality scheme.

The following presentation serves as a reference that explains ESTA, the European Seed Treatment Assurance scheme.

Find HERE the presentation


ESA has just published a new set of factsheets to explain the importance of ESTA, the quality scheme to ensure the safe treatment of seed against pest and diseases.

The factsheets contain information on What is seed treatment? What are its advantages? How ESTA is implemented across different European countries and beyond? Why a seed treatment site should get the ESTA certification?

To find an answer to all these questions and discover more about ESTA and seed treatment, download the new ESTA factsheets: