A success story in the making

The European seed and seed treatment sector is committed to delivering high quality treated seed to farmers and growers all over Europe. 

Over the past years, the seed industry developed a wide range of tools, standards and measures to further improve seed treatment quality as well as information to end users and to regulators on European and Member States' level. 

ESA provides an overview on the impact of these efforts, based on a large set of data assembled in numerous countries and over a number of years. These figures demonstrate the high level of seed treatment quality achieved and the continual improvement to which the sector has committed itself. 

The industry-led quality assurance of seed treatment and treated seed is a success story in the making!

ESA has supported, and continues to support, an effort to consolidate and summarize seed dust data from the European Seed Producers, in order to provide a fact based overview of the quality of treated seed in Europe over the past years.

Find HERE the results of the study