How it works for the treatment sites

ESTA is only operated by Agents. The seed treatment sites that wish to get ESTA certified sites shall to contact one of the Agents and arrange with it all the administrative details of the scheme. 

In case the certified sites are facing difficulties with the communication with the ESTA Agents, they are kindly asked to contact ESA at amaliakafka@euroseeds.eu 

The Agents are the following: 

NOTE: In Hungary ESTA is exclusively operated by Fajtaoltalmi nonprofit kft. (until August 2019). Treatment sites that are located in Hungary should contact Fajtaoltalmi nonprofit kft.

The Standard Licence Agreement needs to be signed between the certified treatment site and the Agent. The signed Standard License Agreement is a prerequisite for the issue of the ESTA certificate. 

Once the Agreement is signed the treatment site is authorized to use the ESTA logo. For the right to use the ESTA Trademarks the treatment site undertakes to pay annually a fixed fee per unit (0.005 euros/ treated unit) or a lump sum fee (see below). The fee per unit and/or lump sum fee are paid to ESA while the Agents may charge a handling fee. 

The fee per unit and the lump sum fee are the same for all crops and all countries. The ESTA Agents may charge handling fee. 

The treated units are defined as follows: 

  • Maize: < 50.000 seeds
  • Beets (sugar and fodder): < 100.000 seeds
  • Oilseed Rape (hybrid): < 1.5 mio. seeds
  • Oilseed rape (lines): < 2 mio. seeds
  • Sunflower: < 100.000 seeds
  • Cereals and pulses: < 1 ton
  • Cotton: 20-25 kg

In case of vegetables a lump sum fee is defined based on the annual turnover of the company. 

  Lump sum fee (euros)  Annual turnover
Class 1 (S) 500 < 50 mill euros
Class 2 (M) 1500 50-75 mill euros
Class 3 (L) 3000 >75 mill euros

The annual turnover is estimated by activities related to seeds. 

The lump sum fee is paid once for each company independently of the number of ESTA certified sites.