The European Seed Treatment Assurance Industry Scheme


The Seed Industry has over the past years developed a Quality Assurance System for treated seeds. The European Seed Treatment Assurance Scheme, ESTA, is the European quality assurance scheme for the application of plant protection products to seed treatment, handling and use of treated seed.

ESTA combines a number of elements to guarantee professional, high quality seed treatment applications such as independent certification of treatment sites by accredited certifying bodies, defined quality reference values with a uniform testing protocol, safe use information and respective labeling for users. Only ESTA certified treatment facilities may use the ESTA logo on their products to document compliance and facilitate the free movement of treated seed throughout the European Union.

The ESTA certification provides key assurances on full control of the processes for treating seeds; complete process and quality documentation; continual improvement of processes and standards; adequately trained personnel. ESTA certifies that only seed meeting agreed quality standards is being put in the market.

ESTA is compatible with the national quality assurance schemes in France (PQP, since 2010) and in Germany (SeedGuard, since 2011).