Dust references values

These industry dust reference values are published to assist the seed treatment industry to continually achieve safe treatments. Seed treating companies have to assure that treated seed meets the industry dust reference values. It is noted that Member States may install legal dust limits different from the industry reference values.

ESTA assures that treated seeds that exceed the industry dust reference values or any legal requirements if lower shall not be put on the market

The dust reference values that were developed by ESA are listed below: 

                Corn: 0.75g of dust/ 100 000 seeds

                Oilseed rape: 0.50g of dust/ 700 000 seeds

                Sugar beet: 0.25g of dust/ 100 000 seed pellets

                Sunflower: 0.40g of dust/ 75 000 seeds

                Cereals: 4 g of dust/100 kg

                Carrot, witloof: 0.1 g of dust/100 000 seeds

                Onions: 0.2 g of dust/100 000 seeds

                Sweet corn: 0.75 g of dust/100 000 seeds


The dust reference values for the following crops are advisory as of July 1, 2019 and for one year. As of July 1, 2020 they will become normative. 

               Green and seeded beans: 0.4 gr of dust/ 100 000 seeds

               Vegetable peas: 0.2 g of dust/100 000 seeds